Distillery Day Out

If you yearn for a taste (and greater understanding) of the world’s finest single malt whiskies – in Gaelic, ‘uisge-beatha’ or ‘water of life’ – the array of choice across the Highlands and Islands is simply phenomenal: more than 100 distilleries operate a skilled craft first documented 500 years ago.

From the smoky, peaty wonders of the west coast to the more fruity, nutty delights of Speyside – and all the subtle flavours in between – we can tailor the route to experience all variety of tasting opportunities and guided distillery tours.

Suggested Tours:

Highland Distillery Experience


New this year


Speyside Distillery Experience

If you are interested in any other Distilleries please get in touch and we can create a tour tailored to the specific Distilleries you wish to visit.

*Admission fees for exhibitions is extra.

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